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..EPAct Certification

"Not using EPAct on your customer's building project is like sending a carpenter onto a jobsite without a hammer."

B&B Energy has become one of the most versed entities in the country in assisting customers with EPAct certifications and assurances that the customer will receive the Federal Tax Deductions.

B&B Energy along with a group of other professional energy consultants and contract managers have carefully studied the laws and regulations pertaining to EPAct and the proper certification of the energy programs.

B&B Energy has certified over 200 different buildings over the last three years and has presented at over 75 energy seminars hosted by utilities, ASHRAE, and other professional energy groups.

B&B Energy specializes in qualifying commercial building owners for tax credits based on the implementation of energy efficiency programs in industrial and distribution facilities.

EPAct 2005 is an excellent program that offers tax incentives for American companies to take part in the "2009 Stimulus Package" as well as other lighting and HVAC systems.

We would like to assist you in your efforts to obtain EPAct certification and the Federal Tax Deductions.

We can send you a detailed "form" to gather the information required for us to do the EPAct certification. The cost of most certifications is $0.05 per square foot for commercial buildings over 10,000 square feet.

It is still worth it to certify a building less than 10,000 square feet and special pricing is available.

The report will be the most complete report that you can commission. You will receive three bound copies with full certification and qualification information.

The sections include:

A. Summary Letter
B. Certificate of Compliance
C. Section 179 - Certificate
D. IRS Notice 2006-52
E. IRS Corporate Return
F. Certificate of Compliance
G. EPAct Calculations
H. Project Pictures
I. Project Component List
J. EPAct General Information
K. Areas of Potential Cost Offset

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