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Applied Air Systems
August Air
Cambridge Engineering

Hallmeyer Controls (Contact B&B Energy)
Lapham & Company (Contact B&B Energy)
Milton Roy

Roberts Gordon
Sullivan-Palatek air compressors

Orion "Light Pipes"

Here are profiles for each our suppliers:

Alton - B.P. Edelman and A. Ward Thornton formed Alton Manufacturing Company in Dallas, TX in 1945. The "Air Champ", Alton's first manufactured product, introduced many innovations to evaporative cooling, including Turbo-spray water distribution, galvanized metal construction, and double sets of cooling pads. Early installations targeted churches, department stores, grocery stores, and movie theaters.

Acquired by Mestek in 1986, Alton today manufactures heavy duty, high quality air conditioning and air cooling systems for medium and large industrial and retail establishments nationwide. The company has earned a reputation for durable, dependable systems in three major product lines: roof-mounted self-contained air conditioning equipment, combination air-cooling make-up heating units, and heavy duty industrial "Air Washer" evaporative cooling systems. Alton's evaporative cooling systems minimize or eliminate the need for ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's).


Applied Air Systems - Applied Air was formed in the 1960's as National Heater Company in St. Paul, Minnesota. The company designed and manufactured rooftop air handlers and heating equipment for commercial and industrial applications. The company has enjoyed steady growth and has become an innovative leader, providing heating and cooling equipment to the distribution and manufacturing community. Acquired by Mestek in 1986, Applied Air today manufactures a wide variety of cooling and heating HVAC products including direct-fired heating, makeup air units, and air turnover systems. In commercial and industrial markets, Applied Air Systems' products provide efficiency, reliability, and long life.


August Air - In 1991, the major manufacturer of large air turnover units decided not to continue making "SATUs" (Small Air Turnover Units). B&B Air, with the permission of its principal, sought out a secondary supplier of SATUs, which was named "August Air after the owner of the company, "Jack AUGUST Wagner." August Air has supplied high quality SATUs for over 18 years. The SATUs have shipped internationally, including to China and Japan. With over 2,000 units in the field, August Air has become one of the major manufacturers of SATUs nationwide.


Americraft - Americraft manufactured its first fans in 1946 and sold them to other companies that marketed the fans under their own name. (This practice is commonly known as private branding.) For the next 37 years, all fans manufactured by Americraft were sold under private labeling agreements. In 1983, we introduced ourselves to the public, selling fans under the Americraft name. Today, Americraft catalogs nineteen various fan models in sizes ranging from 12" to 60" in diameter. Nearly one half of the shipments are specially built to our customer's specifications. Americraft fans are in all fifty states and as far away as South America and Saudi Arabia. Our manufacturing facilities have grown to two plants totaling more than 50,000 square feet. This expansion allows us to accommodate new private brand customers and the steadily increasing number of customers buying Americraft products.


Hallmeyer Controls(contact B&B Energy)

Roberts Gordon - is the world's largest manufacturer of gas fired infrared heating products with installations in over 19 countries. Milton J. Roberts, a gas utilization engineer, established the Roberts Gas Burner company in Buffalo, NY, in 1923. In 1935, W. Stuart Gordon acquired an interest in the company and the name was changed to Roberts-Gordon Appliance Corporation. In conjunction with Ronald A. Corey, the company developed and introduced the CORAYVAC® low-intensity, gas-fired infrared heating system in 1962. The company introduced the Gordon-Ray® line of gas-fired unitary heaters in 1973.

The company name changed to Roberts Gordon, LLC in 1985, at which time a new 100,000 square-foot manufacturing plant was opened in Buffalo, NY. Several innovative products have been added to the line over the past 80 years. Most recently, in 2003, the UltraVAC™ control system for the CORAYVAC® line was introduced, resulting in the first truly modulating infrared heating system.


Sullivan-Palatek air compressors - Sullivan-Palatek manufactures electric and diesel driven high performance rotary screw air compressors along with a complete line of accessory items which include air dryers, filters and condensate remediation systems.






Orion Lighting(contact B&B Energy) "We've Taken Efficiency to New Heights."

Traditional metal halide lamps are inefficient and provide minimum light at maximum expense. Orion Energy systems makes traditional lighting obsolete by maximizing foot candles(light on the work surface) and using half the energy. Our High Bay T-5HO fluorescent lighting systems maintain up to 95% of their initial lumens over their rated life while metal halide lose one-third of their initial lumenss in just 40% of their rated life. The combination of Orion unique reflector designs and energy-saving Orion T-5 lamps increases lighting efficiency by providing both superior light and significant savings.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Orion High Bay fluorescent fixtures combine highly efficient T-5 lamps and proprietary reflectors in a variety of beam spreads. This variety of beam widths allows for focused light in application mounting heights ranging from 15' to over 100'. Our state of the art technology increases overall efficiency by producing a superior fixture while reducing waste, providing light where it is needed most.

Our various lamp configurations are designed to deliver improved lighting and significant savings.

Cochrane - Cochrane is the oldest manufacturer of industrial and utility boilers in the United States and has been servicing the Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky marketplaces for over 60 consecutive years in conjunction with the Lapham-Bissmeyer families.








Lapham & Company - B&B Energy is a sister company to one of the oldest boiler room rep agencies in the Midwest. Lapham & Company still bears the name of "LAPHAM" for Dick Lapham who served Indiana and Kentucky utilities from 1946-1995, and his son, Paul Lapham, who carries on the tradition from 1980 through today. This has been a family tradition of serving the boiler customer with the very best products available. If you need a de-aerator or boiler feed water system, please contact B&B Energy, and we will look forward to serving you in an area where our grandfather and father worked combined for over 65 years.





Milton Roy - Milton Roy uses one of the industry's highest quality pumps for boiler feed water and precise flow requirements.

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